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   of Hemet Donated a chair so Mel could relax in comfort. Click on the picture to Enlarge photo.




Dollar Map


Here is an idea submitted by Joe and Barb, parents of Rob and Debís good friends, Brian and Erinn.

They write;
A 37 cent stamp, an envelope and a dollar wrapped in a piece of paper with the name of your city or state written on it. Rob, Deb and Melody can mark on the map where the dollar oriented. Melody can look forward to mail each day. Rob and Deb will have a little extra cash for things like gas to appointments, medical bills, ice cream and the likes. We have furnished the map and the first dollar. The act of kindness will come from you. Please forward this information and site to others. It is a terrific learning experience for Melody and her big brother. Melody looks forward to the mail and the time it takes to place a push-pin in the map for each letter to her.


Melody Schleigh

1339 Shenandoah Drive,

Hemet, Ca. 92545


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